The Court Registry office in the court seat of the Administrative Court is responsible for administrative and technical tasks, while certain tasks are also performed in Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Sad. Head of the Court Registry office, Dejan Djuric, is in charge of management of the Court Registry office.

The Court Registry office is responsible for making regular and temporary reports on the work of the court units and departments, necessary for court administration. Based on the mentioned reports, the results of work of the court units are considered including suggestions for improvement of the court operations. Courts are responsible for drafting quartely, six-month, annualy and three-year reports on the work of the court, court units and judges by prescribed unique methodology.

Service desk of the Reception Office of the Administrative Court is located on the ground floor of the court seat in Belgrade, 9 Nemanjina Street and is opened for the work with parties from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm. Citizens and parties may submit claims and briefs before the court administration. The Reception Office is also responsible for receiving the registered mail submitted by the Public Enterprise PTT Serbia.

The Court Registry office of the Administrative Court is also responsible for sending of court writs (court decisions, summons for parties and other letters). Administrative Court decisions shall be kept and clasiffied in the arhive of the Court Registry office.


YOU CAN GET INFORMATION ABOUT CASES ON THE PHONES: (00381) 11 363 52 32 and (00381) 11 363 52 37.