Activities related to the court administration are regulated by the Law on Organization of Courts such as activities related to internal organization of the court, consideration of complaints and petitions, keeping statistics and drafting reports, financial and material operation of the Court and other tasks. Court administration is more regulated by the Court Rules of Procedure, that provides that internal organization and work of the court perform separately from trials and include management, administrative, technical, professional, informational, financial and other complementary tasks important for the judicial power. These activities are organized so that the court could perform its function lawfully, timely and efficiently, in order to enable parties to finish their activities in the court with the minimum expenses.

The President of the Administrative Court, judge Radojka Marinković oversees court administration.

The President of the Court represents the Court, manages the work of the court administration and also is responsible for the proper and timely operation of the court; the president is required to ensure legality, order and accuracy in the court; orders removal of irregularities; ensures safeguarding of independence of judges and the reputation of the court; and performs other tasks prescribed by law and the Court Rules of Procedure. The Deputy President acts on behalf of the Court President in case of her previous commitment or absence.



President of the Administrative Court
Judge Radojka Marinković

Office of the Court President:


Head of the Office of the Court President

Dragana Vasić 


Administrative technical secretary of the Court President 

Ivana Kostić


Court administration: 


Secretary of the Court 

Danijela Dupor


Judicial assistant responsible for court administration 

Jelena Kulić Gajević


Administrative technical secretary of the court administration 

Milka Radonjić