The manner and the procedure of the court transparency are regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Administrative Dispute, Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance and Court Rules of Procedure.

The transparency of the court activities is achieved in the following ways:

  • by publishing  annual bulletin of the Court - Information Bulletin which includes basic information about the Court, its organization, jurisdiction, code of rules, annual task, reception of parties, reports, statistics and so forth;
  • by publishing the periodical brochure - bulletins;
  • by acting upon filed requests for free access to information of public importance;
  • by publishing  trial schedule in the visible place in front of the courtrooms or in another appropriate manner;
  • by enabling presence to public trials for all adult citizens and media representatives;
  • by giving notification to the interested pesons and to the media about the court procedure by Court President or Public Relations Officer;
  • by publishing  court decisions;
  • by publishing  legal opinions;
  • by establishing  website presentation with all relevant information in connection with the court activities which are updated daily.





Generally, hearings are public, and all adult citizens, as well as media representatives have right to attend hearings in the Court.

The Panel of Judges may exclude the public for the entire hearing or for a specific part of the hearing, if there are reasons for protection of interests of national security, public order and ethics as well as to protect the interests of juveniles or the privacy of the participants in the process.


The Court renders a decision about exclusion of the public, which must be explained and published.






Media representatives may learn more about the cases that are of mutual interests on the website of the Court. Media representatives are notified by e-mail and fax about the cases of public importance, and communication can also be performed orally. If necessary, the Administrative Court may organize a press conference.

Notifications about court activities and certain cases in the Administrative Court are given by the Court President and Public Relations Officer.


Protected and restricted data, whose publishing is excluded or limited by law, shall not be reported.






Photography, audio and video recording on public hearings is carried out with the prior approval of the Court President, President of the Panel of Judges, judge and with the prior written consent of the parties and participants. 

The accreditation is required if the journalists and photo team are interested in taking a picture inside the court building and with the pre-referral written request no later than one day in advance.

The accreditation request may be downloaded from the website of the Administrative Court of the caption “MEDIA ACCREDITATIONwhich is located under the title “TRANSPARENCY” (link to this section is Request may be submitted in written form, by filing to the reception desk of the court, or by fax 00 381 11 363 52 85 as well as electronically on the following addresses: or