Internal organization and operation of the Administrative Court are regulated by the Law on Organization of Courts, Law on Judges and Court Rules of Procedure.

The High Judicial Council, by its Decision on the number of judges per courts, has determined that the Administrative Court shall have one president and 35 judges, and court units located in Kragujevac, Niš and Novi Sad shall have 4 judges each.

The High Judicial Council, by its Decision on Amendments and Additions to the Decision on the number of judges per courts, has determined that the Administrative Court shall have a president and 37 judges.

The Rulebook on Internal Organization and Job Classification of the Administrative Court (December 28, 2010) prescribes 29 positions to conduct all tasks under the purview of the Court. The Administrative Court has 129 employees, including 105 state employees and 24 civil appointees.

Organizational units of the Administrative Court include the following:

Court Administration – is responsible for all tasks that provide conditions for regular and timely work and court operation.


Registry Office – is responsible for administrative and technical tasks in the court. Dejan Djurić is in charge of the management of the Registry Office of the Administrative Court.

Typing Pool – Olgica Ilić is the Head of the Typing Pool of the Administrative Court.


Accounting Department – is responsible for financial and material tasks in the court seat in accordance with the special regulations for that purpose. Verica Bjelić is Head of the Accounting Department of the Administrative Court.

Courier Service – is responsible for service of the writs, briefs and other tasks necessary for court administration. Milina Radojičić is the Head of the Courier Service of the Administrative Court.

IT and Analytics Department – is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the information and communication technologies and electronic data processing, storage and transfer of information in the Court. Slobodan Šolajić is System Administrator in the Administrative Court.


Organizational Chart of the Administrative Court